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Award Winning


I have always loved Art. I started drawing cartoon characters when I was six years old .

My favorite was a snoopy dog I called spot /spot.

Art was always my favorite subject in school and I took a few college classes in commercial Art but found that it didn't keep my interest for long.

I love all forms of Art , from flower arrangements, to drawing, decorating , writing short stories and recently I added photography but my favorite by far is working in clay.

Ten years ago I discovered the world of doll making and I was hooked.

I fell in love with the magic of creating something unique and one of a kind.

I never know what character will show up. Each and every creation comes from my heart.

I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I have creating them..

Dolls Published in the following magazines

Dolls Magazine-----------------------       2019 January/February

Pretty Toys Magazine --------------        2015 November/December

Doll Crafters Magazine - -----------       2008 Sugar and Spice Gallery

Contemporary Doll Magazine - ----       2009 Gallery Page



Dolls Awards of Excellence, Industry's choice    2023 winner

Dolls Awards of Excellence, Publics Choice        2019 Winner

Dolls Awards of Excellence, Industry's Choice     2019 Winner

Prosculpt Contest--------2008-----     2nd place winner

Prosculpt Contest--------2007 ------   3rd Place winner



Diane Keeler Class ------October 2008.

Jack Johnston's Professional Class, Receiving a master Doll makers Certificate

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